Sixty-Five Percent


of students are people of color in the California Community College system - the highest proportion in the country. Umoja communities serve the highest proportion of students from the lowest income group in the nation.

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Low Academic Performance.

Once students of color are in the system, their outlook for academic success is dismal. Most earn lower grade point averages, have lower rates of success in their courses, and persistence from term to term is lower as compared to all other ethnic groups.


Lack of

Both students and teachers struggle with confidence. While students struggle to believe in themselves, teachers are struggling with lower expectations, negative perceptions, and minority stereotyping leading directly to feelings of alienation and abandonment in the classroom for students of color.


College Readiness.

Sixty-five percent of students are students of color in the California Community College system, the highest proportion in the country. A closer examination of this data finds that students of color are at the bottom across all grade levels for any ethnic group and income level.


Your Students
Need You.

Several factors contribute to the lack of academic
success for students of color in the United States.

The problem of dismal academic performance has become more important to address as a result of California’s Great Recession which has resulted in fewer classes and cutbacks in other resources designed to support student success. Fewer course offerings and limited financial resources are nudging out many students of color.


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